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Bemetara CG 25 Chhattisgarh District History

Bemetara CG 25


According to the Gazetteer of Durg district, the entire Durg district, including Bemetra, was first included in the Emperor Ashoka’s empire. In 1742 AD, this region remained under the Marathas and from 1853 to Bhosale Raja. It is said that in ancient times, this was the kingdom of the queen named Vyomtara, after which the name of this city was named Bemetara. Later on this land customs came into force. Jarab Singh Verma, the last landowner of this from 1857 to 1906, 

The entire Durg was included in Tahsil Raipur district. Bemetra was under Simga tahsil and Navagarh area was in Bilaspur district. When Durg was formed in 1906 AD, Bemetara was main tehsil in three tehsils of the district. From the earliest times, the Bemetara tahsil included Navagarh, Berla and Saja blocks which is also in the newly formed Bemetara district since 1 January 2012.

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